The Cultural Addict

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Who: Mariana Mijares Contreras
Travel Profile: Culture Addict 
From: Mexico City
Age: 29 years old
Lives in: The Netherlands
Occupation: CEO & Founder @ Mint Flamingo
Favorite City: Hamburg, Germany
Hidden gem: The Cotton Club Blues Bar
Why I love to travel: “Through travel we can close the bridges of xenophobia”

Lost in Translation:

The first time I traveled to Germany I thought the ‘ß’ in Straße was a type of ‘b’, so I would ask for directions to ‘Einstein Strabe’, and no one could understand me. During my first German lesson, 3 years later, I realized that ‘ß’ is actually a double ‘s’, so it would be Strasse, which means street.  

Nomad since June 2017, hopeless wanderer since July 1990. Always looking for the next surprise our blue marble has to offer.

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