In October 2016 my boyfriend of almost four years got a job in Domžale, Slovenia. My first reaction (being Mexican and constantly rooted to the American continent) was where is that? After a quick google search I found out A LOT about this little country tucked away between Italy, Austria, Croatia and Hungary. And decided to visit him for the Holidays, upon my arrival I found out that not everything you google is true:

Myth No. 1: People are cold and don’t speak English

First of all you get off the plane and mountains greet you then a sign in both Slovenian and English. Most of the people speak English and are super kind.

Myth No. 2: The roads are terrible and dangerous

Their roads are wonderful, whoever said they were terrible clearly hasn’t traveled much specially in Latin America where some potholes could referred to as craters.

Myth No. 3: There’s a Church in the middle of a lake in their capital

Google images will have you believe that a Church lies in the middle of a lake in Ljubljana, Slovenia’s capital, however this Church is in Slovenia but in a town call Bled, close to the Austrian Border, and it is truly magical.

#MintTip: The views from the castle are spectacular and enjoy a meal at Okarina.

Myth No. 4: There’s not much to learn about their history

The first wheel and flute were found there. The roman empire had important military bases back in their golden years. They have several castles which help empires stay strong and guarded during medieval times. Later in the 1800’s wealthy europeans traveled to Bled to get sun and vacation while uplifting their health. In the 1960’s General Tito ruled and many considered him a great ruler who was able to stop the Soviets from taking over Yugoslavia, the country Slovenia was a part of before they became independent in 1990. Today they are members of the European Union, and their currency is the euro. So there’s history if one pays enough attention.

Myth No. 5: It is a underdeveloped country with not much to see or do

It is one of the cleanest countries in the world that I have visited, and easy to travel in. So clean that in 2016 Ljubljana was named Europe’s Green Capital of the Year.

During the warmer months you can swim in the Adriatic sea in Piran and Portorož while catching a sip of wine from their own vineyards in Brda and Nova Goriča on your way back. If you are feeling more adventurous you can take a dip in an emerald river called Soča River. However, if you visit during the colder months Bled and Ljubljana are magical places, and you can even go skiing in Kranjska Gora during the day and catch a great dinner back at their capital at Julia.

#MintTip: The best way to see all Slovenia is by renting a car and don’t forget to have the proper Vignette for the highways, otherwise you’ll get fined. 

#MintFact: Their food is, according to AFAR Magazine, what will make Slovenia “the next gastronomical capital in the world”

Bled Cake

Yes, their food is amazing! With such cultures close by and having the ocean just an hour away from the capital their cuisine offers a unique take on traditional plates like risotto with seafood and a paella style sauce. You must try the Bled cake a light and creamy treat. 

For more information please visit: I Feel Slovenia or contact us to take a leap and discover the magic behind this country for yourself and we can start creating your Mint Travel Booklet

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