“The Difference Between Black and White” uses shoes. Credit Kelly Shimoda for The New York Times

In 2009 36 contemporary artists from 6 different countries united to use clothing as material, inspiration or medium. The exhibition took place at the Katonah Museum of Art and was curated by Barbara J. Bloemink.

The 36 artists in Dress Codes use clothing to explore a variety of issues ranging from feminine concern, racial stereotyping, and immigration to globalization, current events, and the violence of war. Many of the works explore a number of these subjects concurrently, reflecting the complexity of contemporary life.”

Today we face a world driven by consumerism and intolerance. Fashion has always looked for a way to express emotions, heritage and even political and religious views. In 2017 a 2009 exhibit that uses recycled clothing  as a way to create awareness about gender, ethnicity, war and homelessness is still (sadly) relevant.


(Source: Katonah Museum of Art)

Author: Mariana Mijares Contreras


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